My new website for personal training and online coaching (located in Dayton Oh, but serving online clients anywhere!) is up and running, full of great new fitness related content AND simple recipes!

I was so nervous leading up to my photoshoot but had the best time, enjoying a Snickers bar before it all began!  As a personal trainer and coach, I live out what I subscribe to my clients with flexible dieting…not “clean” eating, MLM products, fads or quick fix guarantees.

Fill out my online questionnaire and tell me what’s held you back from achieving your goal(s)…I’ll be waiting with a snack in hand.

snickers bar pre photoshoot prep

While this site will remain my go-to for posting recipes there are times I whip up something super simple (that doesn’t require much explanation) like my favorite strawberry toast or pancake tacos and won’t include them here. However, I will from time to time create a catch-up post so my loyal subscribers stay up to date.

speaking of subscribers …

My personal training website has a feature for subscribing to the blog too! Check out some recent posts I wrote like Grocery Shopping on a Calorie Budget or Boot Camp Classes for a Leaner Sculpted Physique and stick around if you enjoy them.  Next up is a post on being ineffective and less sexy with your workouts for results.  You’ll definitely want to subscribe for that one!

This was probably sexy when I was 8. (I’d like to have those socks)

So far the recipes featured on my personal training site revolve around a few categories: low carb/high protein, breakfast, snacks, and treats.  I’ll expand as time goes on to include meal prep and work lunch ideas and hope to implement a more user friendly interface that will allow you to subscribe.

Current Recipe Categories:

*Low Carb/High Protein does not mean I promote a low carb diet.  However, many clients I’ve worked with weren’t getting adequate protein but had no trouble with carb intake.  Having a few lower carb recipes on hand can be beneficial.

*Breakfast is one of my favorite meals and I often make a whopper of a homemade egg mcmuffin sandwich but there’s more to breakfast than eggs!  I’ve been thinking outside the box to bring my clients and readers new ideas for getting protein beyond eggs…more coming shortly!

homemade egg mcmuffin iifym

*Snacks are definitely one of my favorite ways to get creative!  My clients will hear me tell them to be strategic with their calories so their bedtime snack doesn’t leave them with celery, hahaha!  I have a feeling this category will grow the most but don’t get me wrong, I love fruits and veggies for snacks too…especially with pb dip!

apples with greek yogurt dip

*Treats will include options for more macro friendly desserts that are tested and approved.  Read my post on Carrot Cake Cookies that will explain what my biggest pet peeve is with most “healthy” dessert recipes.

Stay tuned for more!

What do you think of my new site? 

off topic

The idea to become a certified personal trainer certainly didn’t happen overnight.  In fact it’s been over two years the idea has been circulating in my thoughts.  Then as sweat gathered in puddles around my bike during a recent spin class, an equal amount of joy and inspiration hit me.  It was crystal clear my time to act was now.

THIS is what I want to do…

ACE study guide

While still reaping the blessings of being a stay at home mom, I’m only 1 school-year away from them both being full time students. Say whaaaat?!?

A bittersweet thought.

Being a personal trainer is more than cheerleading someone through a routine of tough workouts.  While that’s an important component, truly understanding our bodies and how to effectively and safely train clients requires hours of studying (which is why I’m starting now).

Since high school I’ve been an on-again-off-again gym and cardio machine rat, dedicated countless weeks at a time to various kinds of aerobics classes, and completed my fair share of at home workout DVD’s.  That’s not to say I’m an expert, but I’m no stranger to the fitness/gym world!

However, it wasn’t until 2 years ago that fitness became a lifestyle; a daily focus to become the best version of me! Building a foundation for longterm success has been pivotal in my journey thus far and something I want to bring to my clients.     personal trainer

There’s a deep desire to learn from my (future) clients what drives them to succeed, what limits their capabilities, their past or current struggles, and ultimately the goals they want to reach.

I want to be the driving force that helps them- or YOU- concur goals in the gym (and kitchen).

Being a personal trainer does not make me a nutrition specialist!  However, outside the “gym” my passion overflows into cooking and meal planning doing my best to make healthy eating approachable and easy.  I’m continually learning and trying new things, swapping one ingredient out for another, and adapting recipes to meet my needs without forcing it upon my family (more on that topic later).

eat this not that

No matter your goals, from losing weight to building muscle, I firmly believe in a simple formula:

Eat Right (for your goals)+ Exercise = Results

Nothing ground breaking, just an honest equation. Yet, so many people just don’t know where to start or they hit a plateau and give up!

Now, eating right is a vague term, I know.  It’s different for everyone based on their starting point, dietary restrictions, macro needs etc.

Learning to create balance in your diet, without crazy restrictions, is fundamental to making it a lifestyle NOT a diet! Hence my birthday bowl of heavenly lemon cake and raspberry ice-cream…bowl #2.  (It WAS my birthday after all.)


My plan going forward is to build small accountability groups to coach and mentor-online and local.  

These groups will consist of ONLY women with a STRONG desire to commit themselves to a healthier lifestyle.  My desire is to encourage, motivate and inspire you to make the commitment to your DAILY life NOT search for any sort of quick-fix remedy.  We’ll work together through various workouts and evaluate individual macro needs, crossing off attainable goals every step of the way!

Until next time here’s a little glimpse of a quick Tabata style arm workout I did in the gym (first shared on Instagram) while on a recent mini vacation.  20 seconds of work/10 seconds of rest for a total of 4 rounds (equivalent to 16 minutes).  Use heavier or lighter weights if needed!

12lb. bicep curls to shoulder press~~30lb. sumo squat with upright row~~tricep dips~~12lb. hammer curls finished with 3 sets of bosu ball ab work. 


Shoot me an email if you’re interested in taking part of my small accountability groups.  I’ll be providing basic strength training workouts and nutrition guidelines for those interested in committing to at least a 12 week plan.  

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