I’m sharing 3 of my recent favorite and easy meal prep side dishes.

 I’m not a traditional meal prep person where you essentially cook 1 main protein and carb choice in bulk, then portion them into containers for the week.  That method is very helpful and efficient for many people and there’s TONS of ideas if you simply search “meal prep.”  However, I’ve never been able to stick with it because I love to cook and try new things!!

So while my method is very similar, I’m just adding the protein and bringing a little variety each day. So, whatever your method (or lack thereof) rock your next lunch break with one of these 3 delicious and easy meal prep side dishes!

The secret to my easy meal prep side dishes is having items on hand that require little to no prep and can be used in a variety of dishes. That’s right…meal prep that requires little prep.   Each recipe featured today includes edamame!

Meal Prep Side Dish idea #1: Roasted Sweet Potatoes w/edamame and fire roasted peppers and onions (Great alongside eggs for breakfast or paired with your choice of protein)

roasted sweet potatoes

This combination is bursting with flavor and packs a nutritious punch!  Roasted sweet potatoes are a staple in my fridge *almost* every week.  They’re ridiculously easy to prepare and super versatile.  Next time you turn your oven on, toss in a sheet of sweet potato cubes and other veggies you may enjoy.  Carrots, red onions, green beans & cauliflower are other favorites.

Meal Prep Side Dish Idea #2: Cumin & Lime Quinoa Salad w/Edamame and Mini Peppers
quinoa and edamame

Quinoa is so incredibly versatile.  I love the freshness of the lime juice paired with crisp mini peppers, edamame, and some corn for sweetness.  Sprinkle in a little cumin and it’s terrific as a standalone side dish or toss with some leftover chicken for a simple and very nutritious meal.

Disclaimer:  My favorite quinoa side dish is still my copycat BJ’s Brewhouse Copycat Bistro Grains. There have been several versions of this “bistro grains” on their menu, but I’ve never liked another one as much as the one I recreated.

Meal Prep Side Dish #3: Israeli Couscous with Edamame and Carrots 

israeli couscous salad

Last but not least Israeli couscous gets paired with edamame, matchstick carrots, and red onions for yet another super versatile meal prep side dish.  Shown above topped with leftover buffalo grilled chicken.

Israeli Couscous has a wonderful nutty flavor that pairs nicely with just about anything from sweet to savory.  Just a light drizzle of olive oil with some salt and pepper and I could eat the whole pot…

So there you have it!  3 super simple meal prep ideas that start with a main base – sweet potatoes, quinoa, couscous- and are versatile for whatever leftover veggies and protein you have on hand. 


*SWEET POTATOES: peeled, cubed, tossed in a bit of coconut or olive oil (or just lightly sprayed with non-stick) and roasted at 350* for 40 minutes.  Season with cinnamon or a combination of cumin/smoked paprika/cinnamon!

*FIRE ROASTED PEPPERS & ONIONS: frozen bag from Trader Joe’s.  Great for adding to omelets, quesadillas, paninis, soups, and more!  The fire roasted gives so much flavor that it’s worth finding a variety similar if you don’t have a Trader Joe’s nearby.

*FROZEN EDAMAME: provides a good amount of protein and crunch to more than just salads!

*QUINOA: if you’ve not given quinoa a try I recommend starting with the red variety.  Cook according to the package and try substituting chicken broth for water depending on the recipe.



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