Personal Training

Everyone knows eating healthy and getting adequate exercise is good for them.  But how do you sift through all the nonsense to develop a proper program, hold yourself accountable, and improve your relationship with food and your body along the way? How do you know you’re on the right track when everything you’ve tried so far hasn’t yielded much if any results?

Work With Me!

What types of packages will be offered?

At this time 8, 12 and 16 week programs will be offered for both online and in person training. **Space is limited to the first 5 clients.

What’s included with each program?  

You choose the timeframe and I’ll provide you with unlimited support, weekly check-ins, and program progressions.  One thing you will never receive from me is the latest fad or gimmick to try.  Each program is custom designed for you paying attention to your goals, likes and dislikes.

Do you offer meal plans?

We’ll talk about proper nutrition to help achieve your goals whether that’s weight loss, muscle gain or somewhere in between.  However, I’m not a registered dietician so I will not provide you with specific meal plans nor do I feel that’s optimal to your long term success.  I believe in establishing a flexible diet that doesn’t subscribe to any fear-mongering approaches.

How does online personal training work?

Other than the fact that we don’t meet in person, all else remains the same.  I will supply you with a variety of reputable links to instructional videos within your program to help you understand any exercises you may be unfamiliar with.  Online training gives you the freedom to fit your workouts in anytime of the day with me in your back pocket to guide you along.

How many weeks do I need to reach my goals?

That is dependent on several factors that I can’t possibly give a concrete answer.  What’s your level of experience when it comes to exercise?  How much fat loss are you trying to achieve?  Do you have a basic understanding of performing things like a squat, lunge, push-up or overhead press?

We’ll set realistic goals and work to improve your relationship with your body and food.  Quick fixes never last. Consistency is better than perfection.


I’m interested in getting started! Where do I start?

Congratulations on wanting to make a commitment to your health and fitness.  Please fill out my online client questionnaire to help me get to know you and the goals you have in mind.  This is not a commitment to any program.  This will simply serve as a place holder to receive personal training.  If you’re serious about making a change, don’t delay on earning your spot.


Beth has been a valuable resource in helping me reach my new goals.  Workout plans, stretching videos, emotional support was exactly what I needed.  The fact that I could email her with any questions or when I was just needing support…was WONDERFUL!!!! This girl is the real deal.”


“Beth has been a great trainer for me!! She helped plan a workout for me that got me back on track.  The lifting program has been fun and she was great at mixing it up.  She has been a great help to my strength training.”


“I came to [you] tired, hungry and worn out.  I’m so thankful that you encouraged me to find my maintenance calories, something I was fearful to do in the past.  I feel much better, have more energy and actually look forward to the lifting days at the gym!  When I have gotten off track with my eating I’m appreciative of the accountability you gave me, yet without shaming.”


You could be next…