One Master Grocery List

How many grocery lists do you make in a given week, month, year?  How many items do you regularly purchase each visit? Bread, milk, eggs, cheese, bananas, bacon, diapers…

Chances are you’ve shopped the same store enough times to know the layout and where items can be found.  GREAT!  Perhaps you even have a favorite route to efficiently get through the store.  I DO!!

By using one master grocery list I’m able to quickly and efficiently move through the store and be confident I’m getting everything on my list!

This will be a bit time consuming at first, but well worth it!!!

1. Start by jotting down everything you regularly buy at your grocery store.  Yes..EVERYTHING! It may sound crazy but you can skip items that you only buy once in a while if you find your list is too long.  Mine is 1 1/2 pages with all meat on the 2nd page and plenty of space for notes or oddball items like straws! (I keep a separate list for Trader Joes too.)
meal planning grocery list| One Strange Herd

2. Separate things by appropriate aisles or categories as close to your store layout as possible.  You can fine-tune it as you go shopping.

3. Number your groups of items in the order you shop the store.  This not only helps keep you on track but eliminates bouncing from aisle to aisle forgetting one item here and one item there.

4. When you’re ready to work on your 2 week menu just highlight the items you need! No longer do you need to write everything down each and every time.  Keep a copy handy throughout the week to highlight any items you run out of.

5. Add an asterisk next to anything you have a coupon for. Before doing this I was always getting to the checkout realizing I forgot to check for the right brand, size, quantity.  This also helps keep track of any special sales your store is running where you have to buy a certain # of participating items to get the final sale price.

You’ll be amazed at how much just a simple twist to your grocery list helps you get through the store!!  Fail to plan, plan to fail!

Shoot me an email and let me know how it works for you!  I’d love to hear your feedback.