My new website for personal training and online coaching (located in Dayton Oh, but serving online clients anywhere!) is up and running, full of great new fitness related content AND simple recipes!

I was so nervous leading up to my photoshoot but had the best time, enjoying a Snickers bar before it all began!  As a personal trainer and coach, I live out what I subscribe to my clients with flexible dieting…not “clean” eating, MLM products, fads or quick fix guarantees.

Fill out my online questionnaire and tell me what’s held you back from achieving your goal(s)…I’ll be waiting with a snack in hand.

snickers bar pre photoshoot prep

While this site will remain my go-to for posting recipes there are times I whip up something super simple (that doesn’t require much explanation) like my favorite strawberry toast or pancake tacos and won’t include them here. However, I will from time to time create a catch-up post so my loyal subscribers stay up to date.

speaking of subscribers …

My personal training website has a feature for subscribing to the blog too! Check out some recent posts I wrote like Grocery Shopping on a Calorie Budget or Boot Camp Classes for a Leaner Sculpted Physique and stick around if you enjoy them.  Next up is a post on being ineffective and less sexy with your workouts for results.  You’ll definitely want to subscribe for that one!

This was probably sexy when I was 8. (I’d like to have those socks)

So far the recipes featured on my personal training site revolve around a few categories: low carb/high protein, breakfast, snacks, and treats.  I’ll expand as time goes on to include meal prep and work lunch ideas and hope to implement a more user friendly interface that will allow you to subscribe.

Current Recipe Categories:

*Low Carb/High Protein does not mean I promote a low carb diet.  However, many clients I’ve worked with weren’t getting adequate protein but had no trouble with carb intake.  Having a few lower carb recipes on hand can be beneficial.

*Breakfast is one of my favorite meals and I often make a whopper of a homemade egg mcmuffin sandwich but there’s more to breakfast than eggs!  I’ve been thinking outside the box to bring my clients and readers new ideas for getting protein beyond eggs…more coming shortly!

homemade egg mcmuffin iifym

*Snacks are definitely one of my favorite ways to get creative!  My clients will hear me tell them to be strategic with their calories so their bedtime snack doesn’t leave them with celery, hahaha!  I have a feeling this category will grow the most but don’t get me wrong, I love fruits and veggies for snacks too…especially with pb dip!

apples with greek yogurt dip

*Treats will include options for more macro friendly desserts that are tested and approved.  Read my post on Carrot Cake Cookies that will explain what my biggest pet peeve is with most “healthy” dessert recipes.

Stay tuned for more!

What do you think of my new site? 

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A well organized system for anything makes me happy happy happy.  Our pantry had been a source of constant chaos, especially after a grocery shopping trip when space was a premium.  The old wire shelving made it hard to keep things straight and there was wasted space all around.

#demoday …buh-bye wire shelves! 

old wire pantry shelves

Ahh, looks better already!  Of course what’s not shown is the food scattered all over kitchen table and counter.  Handy at times, chaotic at others!  Good news is it just took a few hours on a Saturday to finish!


After filling holes and a little light sanding I painted the inside the same color as our morning room for a little pop of color.  After a few hours of dry time we were ready to start putting the shelves in!

Rather than use standard 1×2 boards for shelf supports we used white MDF boards.  While they cost a little more, they come painted (bonus) and there’s less chance of them being warped or crooked.  The shelves were 3/4″ melamine board.  Pre-drilled holes, some liquid nails, and some screws….this project starting taking shape fast.

diy pantry shelves

Prior to this entire project I spent several days drafting on paper everything in the pantry and how it could be better organized.  We added 2 additional shelves and purchased several baskets and containers to better organize everything.  I literally walked through Home Goods with my shelf drawings in hand and visualized what baskets could work for what I needed.

pantry drawing

top of pantry

bottom of pantry

 ***The kids LOVE having easy access to snack bowls so they can get their own snacks.  I love they can do it themselves :).

And perhaps my favorite addition are the two identical baskets that hold various water bottles.  Before they were in our cabinets and were always falling over and creating a domino affect to everything else.

A plastic shoe organizer is super handy for storing misc. small items that otherwise get messy on the shelves.

Inside the doorway there’s still room for hooks to hang my aprons and the kids lunch boxes.

pantry organization

I couldn’t be more pleased with the finished project! Kinda don’t want to shut the door…

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That’s right, the blog is coming back!

flippin sweet

I couldn’t help myself.  Meme’s are takin over and they can be down right hilarious.  Everytime I see this one of Napoleon Dynamite I think of the time my mom busted out all my old (hideous) glasses and we took turns trying them on.  #OneStrangeHerd just keeps making sense now doesn’t it? 

ANYWAYS. It’s me who is back, not the blog. The blog was always here.  One could guess that summer arrived (yes, we’re talking last year) and life got busy and cooking with a camera and lights got complicated and then there was back to school shopping and house projects, and of course Thanksgiving and Christmas #blahblahblah

excuses? kinda.

***But I discovered during my “time-off” that aspiring to be a “professional” food blogger is not my game for the long run (at least not in this current season of life.) Before my 8 month hiatus I was just trying to follow suit with what I thought food blogging had to be: perfect photos, ever-changing props, 1,000’s of followers, ads, regular posts at perfectly timed intervals, etc. Exhausting when it’s not the path you really wanted.

My family likes it when I just serve food and don’t climb on the table first! HAHA.  We’ve since bought a new table and it serves as my backdrop for 99% of my food posts. (this was a photo being taken for my pineapple pork fried rice)
food blogging

What makes me happy to blog is knowing something I create or have learned can be shared with someone else! So going forward my images might come straight from my iPhone or Instagram feed.  No fancy props (not that what you see above is fancy by any means! LOL but it works) unless time allows, simply just the content I want my readers to get in the most efficient way I can perform.

Paper plates are fancy when they’re super thick right? I made potato nachos for the first time during the Superbowl…major hit with all the family.

potato nachos

A few other housekeeping items:

  1. Recipe posts will less wordy and picture based and more to the point! I just need to keep things simple for right now and I hope readers enjoy just getting to the recipe portion.
  2. Some recipes will be short video format! Fun and to the point!
  3. Future Friday’s will remain dedicated to fitness but new workout videos will have to wait a bit longer.  They take quite a bit of planning and testing and editing…you get the idea by now.
  4. Some posts may appear on my Instagram feed before the blog or vice versa.
  5. The recipe index is a mess.  It’s soon to be fixed…I just want to procrastinate a bit longer 🙂
  6. Last but not least…I have a 13 week old chocolate lab puppy, Bosco, who has stolen my heart and you will see regular posts of him!

chocolate lab puppy

Feels good to be blogging again.  I hope you’ll stick around.  Subscribe by email on the right hand side to receive updates of new posts.  Cheers!

one in a minion

Up next, my recipe for Kodiak Cakes or otherwise known as protein pancakes.  Stay tuned…

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Welcome! Hi!  I’m Beth, the wife and mom behind the camera as well as the main voice here on One Strange Herd.
BMC_5983Working behind the camera and managing a blog is familiar territory.  However, for the past 3 years my subject matters were dogs!  Before that it was everything from newborns to high school seniors and weddings. The decision to close my business last summer was a toughy, yet one I’ve never looked back on. springer spaniel
stellaThis new adventure of photographing food is challenging, exciting, messy, fun, and downright comical at times!  Sounds like life to me. I’ve been an avid food blog follower for years.  My daughter and I had the priviledge to meet Ree Drummond, aka Pioneer Woman, when she was in Cincinnati last year.  TOTAL highlight of my year (complete with a fuzzy iPhone photo!)
Ree Drummond

One Strange Herd is a saying we regularly use in our home.  It’s from the original Ice Age movie.  After Manfred the Wooly Mammoth courageously saves Diego (who weren’t the best of friends) he asks “why did you do that?”  You could have died trying to save me.” Humbly, Manfred responds, “That’s what you do when you’re part of a herd. You look after each other.” Amazed at the circumstances that brought these three together, Sid the sloth their goofy friend says:
 “I don’t know about you guys, but we are one strange herd.”

We’re a family with lots of different personalities, quirks, ideas, and tastes.  We laugh often and love deeply…even if we might look a little strange at times.  I thank God daily for the family he’s given me.

Join me as I share recipes and stories from our kitchen and beyond.

Welcome to One Strange Herd.  Be sure and subscribe via email (located in the sidebar) to stay notified of new posts.

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