Hi! I’m Beth, the wife and mom behind the camera, creator of tasty dishes, and the main voice here on One Strange Herd.

I know you’re wondering…One Strange Herd?

It’s a saying we regularly use in our home, quoted from the original Ice Age movie.  It’s been our little way of acknowledging the quirky things we do as a family that we admire so much.  My blog started as a place to share and compile my recipes and it’s grown and evolved since then.

about beth

Without my cute little family to inspire and lovingly serve all these tasty recipes too, this OSH blog wouldn’t exist.  In fact, I’d probably still be eating and cooking like I did 10+ years ago.

As each year passes I’ve learned new and healthier ways to cook while keeping a menu that’s approachable to the whole family.

My recipes are most often picky kid and husband approved.  However, sometimes they’re just something for me…like my favorite lentil or quinoa and kale salad.   I also like to share nutritional information because often times people are curious what to expect or what a particular meal will provide them.

Outside the kitchen, I’m a spin instructor and certified personal trainer.  I love helping others reach their goals and motivate them to make changes that will last a lifetime.  I started out in my little home gym that was under construction at the time…

at home workouts

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Pray often-love much-be fit,